Friday, December 21, 2007

Can Oranges Get You Play

I lead a vegetarian lifestyle with the exception of the holidays. Just so nobody can call me a liar I do have fish twice a week, I need to get that cholesterol somehow my HDL was below 40, and that is not good. Other, than that I stick to salad, fruit, soy and what not. I a going to use these facts to qualify myself as an expert orange consumer, I eat them all the time. I eat oranges like the world eats rice, it's crazy.  It is a bit disgusting but when I fart there is no need to roll down the windows. Unless, you mind a citrus odor.

I eat fruit every morning for breakfast not including about four or five fruit snacks before lunch. I'll typically start with melon and about forty minutes later I move on to other fruits. I typically eat one type of fruit at a time and I have noticed a strange phenomenon when I bring out the oranges. Woman literally flock by my corner office and I usually get comments on how good they smell.

Don't try to take too much from this article, I only have a hypothesis related to oranges and sexual attraction, "When a man eats oranges women want to get randy with the orange eating stud." From my experience women tend to gravitate toward me when I am in the act of eating oranges. Even when I have not eaten an orange women are still drawn to me and will often mention that they sense a citrus smell.  All this is based off of my personal experience and while I admit I have no scientific support the orange issue comes up way too much to be coincidence.

I will say it may not be the ingestion of oranges that give the appeal. I really think that it is the act of pealing an orange that causes the attraction to occur. When pealing an orange you get the scent on your fingers and then a mist comes up from the peal. Once you are covered by the mist it stays with you, kind of like nature's little bottle of perfume. Orange peels are actually used to make many perfumes and even house held cleaners due to their pleasant smell. Orange peals are also used to absorb odor and at the same time the citrus odor permeates the area. At the end of the day why can't oranges be used as a sort of aphrodisiac.  What do you think, can oranges get you play?

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