Sunday, December 16, 2007

An E-Commerce Opportunity

By Sean Anderson

Very seldom do you find great opportunities to make money on the web. Someone is always asking for your credit card number at a minimum. At the Nascent Commerce Website you can find this opporunity. No credit card required, just a simple e-mail and you have immediate access to your on-line store.

The great thing about Nascent Commerce is that you have access to more than just an online shopping cart. This is a full on-line store. You have the ability to provide your merchant account infromation, you'll have features that easily support dropshippers, and the ability to make changes to your store look immediately. You put in a product refresh you page and bam your done. The product as well as any other change you've made to improve your store are there without any interference to current shoppers. You can follow this path to see the complete list of Nascent Commerce features.

I have taken advantage of the Nascent Commerce's free one month trial offer. It took me about that time to get my store to where I wanted it to be and by using the features offered by Nascent Commerce in conjunction with I managed to make a few sales. I would be lying if I said I didn't work diligently for a month, but then again I am somewhat of a perfectionist. If you would like take a look at my PoochLove to view my store supported by Nascent Commerce. I am looking currently building a second store to support some drop shipping products, my suppliers for PoochLove are proving to be unreliable.

There are several strategies to employ when buidling your store to take full advantage of the one month trial offer. First find decide on a business formation. I setup a C corporation, but you may have different ideas for you future. Next find a merchant account provider and then sign up for a drop shipper. A lot of dropshippers offer free trials as well. Make the most out of this by setting up and cancelling your first account before recurring charges begin. Scower the site for products and a niche you would like to promote, and then setup a new account shortly after you have started your store with Nascent Commerce. Then simply work quickly. You should also have your AdWords campaign ready to implement in conjunction with the full launch of your store.

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I have been able to make the most out of this great opporunity. Send me an e-mail at and sign up for my newletter at my Truly Free E-Books site. I had to get some plugs in somehow I am not a member of any affiliate program Nascent Commerce has in place. It is just a great product that has really helped me. There really isn't anyway to realize it's power until you are fully involved. When your one month trial offer ends be sure to mention this article when you subscribe.

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